Sometimes it is sad to see just how little certain people understand about firearms. This blog is not about politics, so I’ll tread as gingerly as possible, but some things were said during the Presidential debate last night which demonstrated ignorance.

Some statements were made about automatic weapons and nobody really got it right. You can legally own and obtain automatic weapons, but the hoops you will have to jump through are many and the wait time is long. If criminals have automatic weapons they were procured illegally and no amount of legislation will stop that from happening.

Now AK-47s were brought up and statements made that they belong in the hands of soldiers. Certainly not US soldiers, it’s a freakin Soviet made firearm! I’m not sure how someone mistakes an AK-47 not made in the US for a M-4 or a M-16 carried by the US troops. Many enthusiasts have purchased AR-15s which are semi-automatic and not made to function fully automatic or as machine guns.

What was disturbing was the statement:

Part of it is seeing if we can get an assault weapons ban reintroduced.

To ban firearms which are being used for hunting and sport because some have used them for crime is asinine. Do we regulate every item ever used in a crime or ban it, certainly not. If someone uses a Ginsu knive in a crime because they saw the infomercial and know it slices and dices should we ban all Ginsu knives? How about when someone crowns someone else king with a lamp, should lamps be banned? If I remember correctly both Russel Crowe and Naomi Campbell have used phones in assaults, perhaps phones should be banned. Some guy overseas threw a shoe, actually both shoes, at President Bush, yep, let’s ban shoes. Might as well get rid of baseball since someone has certainly used a bat for crime.

I don’t know why people, especially politicians, fear guns or at least use guns to create an aura of fear. Both candidates said it best last night, we have laws on the books, enforce those laws. We don’t need more laws, criminals do not care about laws. The only people new laws affect are law-abiding citizens.

Now that I have that off my chest I think I’ll go buy a lower before some politician and his cronies tells me I cannot.