Opened a bottle of wine last night that just wasn’t up to snuff. It wasn’t corked, but it was tart and yeasty. As it breathed it became better, but still not good enough to be enjoyable. This happens on occasion and I got to thinking this morning is there some way to salvage the bottle or should it become drain cleaner?

I guess one way would be to cook with it. I do that on occasion, but generally if it ain’t worth drinking it might not be what you should cook with. Another thought was to add some fruits and make Sangria. I don’t think the yeasty character would be hidden in traditional Sangria, so probably best to take another approach. On the other hand I do have some ginger ale and that probably would mask that character, especially when mixed with a bit of sugar and some citrus fruits.

So I guess a Sangria with less than stellar wine and ginger ale is in my future or the rest of the bottle of wine will get a tour of the city as it cleans the drain!