Just a few issues back Guns & Ammo featured the Heizer Double Tap. Essentially it is a palm sized pistol to use as a last resort. It has two barrels in an over-and-under combination and both fire at the same time. I guess I would think of it as a single (double) shot since to reload you would have to put in more rounds by hand. In case you may not be familiar with the pistol, here is a photo.

I think it is an odd and somehow neat looking pistol, but the price of admission was in the $400+ ballpark and I’d rather have a Ruger LCP which is similar in size and allows multiple shots. The LCP is brutal to shoot for more than a few rounds and I suspect this palm-sized .45ACP was no fun at all.

Now you may be asking why am I writing about a firearm I have never even seen in person? Great question, yesterday the inventor of the Double Tap sent out a letter to customers that production had been suspended and the relationship with Heizer has been severed.

I first saw the Double Tap on the show Person Of Interest when the character Root was kidnapping Finch to try to gain access to The Machine.

I thought it was interesting, and then the Guns & Ammo article published. I’m not sure the Double Tap has a place other than a backup pistol, but it might be a great choice for that type of service. At 12 to 14 ounces it is light enough to conceal easily and not be a burden. It will be interesting to see what happens with this design. Maybe someone can take it and make the action fire the top barrel and then on a second trigger pull the lower barrel like many Over-and-Under shotguns. then we’d have two shots, of course calling it a double tap wouldn’t quite work anymore. 😉