After the rave reviews of the Food Lion Cosmo and Mojito dry mix sticks I dropped by and picked up their Margarita variety the other night. I was hoping they would be spectacular since they are so much smaller than trying to keep liquid mixer around for creating the world’s finest libation. I took out my trusty liter bottle of Costco Anejo I purchased long ago while traveling and commenced to make myself a Margarita. These mix sticks are just so freakin easy to use I thought it would be spectacular if the drink turns out stellar as well. As you can imagine not everything that glitters is gold and in this case the flavor is a bit too fakey fake to pass the test. They have a chalky characteristic and an aftertaste which says dry mix to me. I’ll try it again with double the alcohol, but I’m not holding out much hope for a perfect margarita after my experience last night.