The other night I was out with some clients and we were preparing to have a few drinks before dinner. I’ve been under the weather as of late and generally when I get sick the first thing to go is alcohol. This actually has been sinus based and more of a cold, but I still try to adhere to that rule. On this particular night we were at a chain restaurant of their choosing so when in Rome. Wine just didn’t seem appealing and the best beer they had on draft or in bottles was Blue Moon. Time for the backup plan and a Bourbon & Ginger.

I have become accustomed to asking what the house Bourbon is so as to not get some rot gut whisky which I will not enjoy. Since the waitress could not recall I asked for Knob Creek since I knew I could not go wrong. The waitress returned with the drinks and announced the house is Jack Daniels and she said I don’t know Bourbon, but I like Tequila shots! I fear our your and impressionable waitress is going to one day sing a different song as I doubt she is drinking the type of Tequila I would choose. Bottom line on Tequila, if is isn’t 100% agave you do not want to drink it.

In the end the first drink was not bad, perhaps a little too much Ginger Ale, the second was a little heavy on the Bourbon so it evened out. Considering it did not seem to improve my sinus congestion I probably should have passed. That’s tough to do when socializing with clients.