Yesterday I was pointed to this video on the web which says a .22 beats a .45 for self-defense. I watched it and the points are well made in the video, but I decided to dig a little deeper in the well and check out the data presented in the video. The link was only there for a short time, but thanks to the interwebs I was able to push pause and grab the link.

The article is by Greg Ellifritz and does not quite reach the same conclusions as the video. Greg gathered data from everywhere he could get it for use in the article and it has some interesting results, one being it takes about two rounds to incapacitate. The author states in many cases he believes the assailant stops after being hit because they give up from a desire to not be shot again. I can certainly believe that.

Let’s look at the chart I believe the video used for their analysis.

I just don’t see it the way it was presented in the video. It looks like based on Greg’s data the .32 would be the best caliber followed by the .380 and then .357 and next comes .22. Greg says in the article he believes he needs more data from some calibers and I can believe that as well. If someone is hit with a .44 magnum I suspect they would lie down and cry uncle. What is really interesting is the efficacy of a shotgun. I’ve always advocated a shotgun for home defense and this would say that is good advice.

So if you happen upon an internet video, don’t immediately believe what you see and hear. Sometimes the videographer might be making stuff up, or at least stretching the truth to the breaking point. On the other hand, some well placed shots with a .22 would certainly be tons better than throwing rocks like a caveman!