Last week I went into the new Cary Gander location and put up a blog post about their massive selection of firearms. Yesterday I found myself in Roanoke and decided to stop into their Gander location and they have remodeled the firearms section and it now rivals what I saw in Cary. The store personnel indicated this happened over the past two weeks. Seems like a new direction for Gander, but I wonder if it will pay off based on their pricing strategy. I suspect they will get some sales from unknowing customers, but with a 20-30% higher price than other gun stores it may turn out to be a loosing proposition. I will say they have the largest selection of Sigs I have ever seen in my life. I know there are some Sig devotees out there and they will absolutely love going into Gander.

If they will deal, then Gander might be the new destination. Think about it, they don’t need a cash price, a CC is fine, and if you can get a coupon or a discount for using a store credit card you might just happen across a deal at Gander. Throw out a price match, use the coupon, score one for the team!