So I’m at one of my favorite restaurants for smoked chicken wings last night and it just happens to be a brewpub, imagine that. Generally the beers are solid, nothing to go crazy about, but always with a nod to style and tasty. So the seasonal of choice is an Oktoberfest and I sit there waiting for it to arrive with visions of Oompah music running through my head. As I bring the fruity beer to my lips and taste it’s hoppy goodness I realize this is not a lager, it’s an ale, or a lager fermented way too warm. So my nice Oktoberfest turns out to be an Amber and disappointment ensues. For anyone who owns a brewery or brewpub, please do not call something a particular style unless it was brewed to that style. You could call the beer a Mocktoberfest or Bob of whatever, but a true Ofest would be clean and malty and while it may have some spicy hop character that would not be overdone.

So I switched gears for the next brew and grabbed their IPA which came out cloudy. The taste was fine, but I suspect they are pushing things out the door right now before their time. The wings were as tasty as ever, but after an Oktoberfest that wasn’t and an IPA served to early I decided to call it an evening. I’ll give them another shot, everyone can have an off day, besides, their smoked wings with spicy garlic sauce are amazing!