Back in May I mentioned I was Jones’in for a S&W E-Series Scandium 1911, and much to my amazement recently one came up for private sale on a forum I frequent. After tossing and turning over the purchase I decided to pull the trigger and bring another firearm into the fold. It wasn’t an inexpensive proposition, but it was much better than trying to find one at a decent price and finding one at all has proven to be difficult.

I had actually forgotten the gun came with night sites until I was taking a better look at it last night. It was barely used and while it does have a couple of small handling blemishes is still a beautiful addition to the collection. The photo off the S&W site just doesn’t do it justice, this is one handsome piece of scandium and stainless. And the fish scaling is ultra cool. If it shoots half as good as it looks it will surely be truly awesome!