There can be no doubt about it, my wife hates a full on pink gun. Of course she also doesn’t like an old-style blued one either. What seems to catch her fancy is stainless steel, engraving and some of the polymer black pistols. On occasion she likes pink camo, but generally it will be a more washed out pink in the design and thus far she only appears to appreciated that on clothing. What I have determined is you cannot predict what any one person, male or female, will like and appreciate. What one person finds appealing another may find disgusting.

I wrote a brief post back in April on women and their gun purchases and still believe purchasing a gun is an individual decision. First and foremost the gun should feel good in your hand when shooting. If you don’t enjoy shooting the gun, you will not practice with it and if you don’t practice you won’t be proficient. Next should be some thought about caliber. An accurately shot pellet gun could cause bodily harm, but most of the time if you need to fire the gun in self-defense the accuracy of the shot will not equal what you achieved on the range. In general, pick the largest caliber you can. Now there are limitations. The bigger the caliber, generally the bigger the frame on the gun and in the concealed world unless you are Andre The Giant you’ll need something smaller and more compact. That generally will be a .380ACP, 9mm, or .38 Special, although there are compact in almost every standard caliber. Another consideration should be the cost of the ammo if you intend to spend much time at all at the range practicing. It’s super fun to think about shooting a .44 magnum, until you have to buy the ammunition. 9mm is the least expensive centerfire handgun cartridge, so many choose to shoot it, a .380 is generally more compact so some choose it, and .38 Special is shorter than a .357 Magnum so it may be the caliber of choice in a revolver.

In the end the decision of a firearm can be made using any number of criteria, but don’t assume your wife or girlfriend will want something you like and perhaps not necessarily a pink gun. For certain a woman should choose a firearm based on how it feels and how it will be used. If the gun is going to be carried in a purse/concealed that is a completely different purchase from one which may be kept for only home protection. In the end let her make the decision and expect one of your guns to be her favorite. My wife likes my Ruger SR9C, but recently she fired my Glock 19 and liked it as well. One thing is for certain, she would HATE the holster below! 😉