Last night we decided to try out some mixers from various sources. The first was a Cosmo mixer in powder form which came from Food Lion of all places. It basically was a single drink mixer where you add water to the shaker, put in the mix, add the vodka, add ice and shake. The report was it was truly an awesome drink. I must admit compared to all the work you generally do or having a big bottle of mixer hanging out in the fridge this might just be the cat’s meow for someone looking for the occasional libation.

Fast forward about 15 minutes and I decided what’s good for the goose is good for the gander and grabbed some airplane bottle sized mixers which were actually in a gift pack. There were six mixers and the photo showed them as frozen, but the instructions did not describe how you get them into that state. The instructions were to add the mixer, spirit and ice in a shaker and put into a rimmed glass. So I grabbed a nice Reposado and the “authentic” margarita and commenced to shaking. Not a pleasant experience. Too sickly sweet and even if I had toned down the sweetness with water then I would have ended up with a watered down drink. There are other variants in the pack so I may try another according to the directions and if it is too sweet I’ll try water and more tequilla to see if a consumable solution can be found.

So if you are tooling around Food Lion, you may want to check out the house brand powdered mixers. Who knew?