So last week I came across a Ruger 22/45 Target with a 5.5″ barrel for a steal. There was one caveat, the owner decided to clean the pistol and had disassembled everything but the magazine release button. He had always hated cleaning and disassembling the pistol and thought it was time to get it out of his house. It was a smorgasbord of parts and my gunsmith abilities are rudimentary. I figured, what the heck, for the price he was asking even if I was missing parts I could purchase new ones and get the firearm back together.

The first problem I ran into was the Ruger manual. The parts were not clearly identified and it was difficult to tell just how they went together. My next thought was YouTube and I found a plethora of videos showing how to remove the parts, but none clear enough to see exactly how they were placed before they were extracted. Finally I decided to just try what I thought I saw in the Ruger manual and of course that didn’t work out. I tried another configuration and once again failed as the magazine was extremely difficult to extract and the parts just did not work out. After several more tries I went back to YouTube and located this video of a reassembly which helped me orient the sear.

It should be noted in this video the bushing position he shows with the original bushing is incorrect. The hammer bushing should have the magazine disconnector and magazine disconnector spring positioned and then the hammer assembly is inserted on the bushing. This will be flush and the bushing can be inserted into the disconnector assembly and then the entire shooting match positioned against the safety with the sear spring sandwiched against the frame and finally the hammer pivot pin can be pushed through the frame. It is ultra important to push the sear forward against the spring to have it in the proper position with the safety and to accomplish all this only takes about five hands. Of course now I have executed the procedure enough I could do it in my sleep.

The previous owner told me he had problems with assembly and I had some similar sticking points. I believe the sear spring, a $2 part is bent and needs to be replaced for the pistol to function properly. That spring also retains the hammer pivot pin and I noticed when test firing yesterday the pin began to back out slightly. It was a royal pain to get the safety, sear spring, hammer assembly and disconnect parts all positioned due to the sear spring being bent slightly out of shape.

What the video above does very well is demonstrate how to assemble the 22/45 and forget all that magazine, pull the trigger, turn around, do the hokey pokey, etc nonsense. Just be aware where the hammer is and keep it in the right position to get the bolt and mainspring housing latch assembly in place.

I think I will ultimately remove the magazine disconnect and put in a Mark II style bushing to allow the magazine to drop free as opposed to catching. I had thought about putting on a slide rack, but after my trip to the range yesterday I can see no reason to need it. I may also decide to modify the frame to accept 1911-style grips.

After all the struggling I did find a photo array with the proper alignment of the parts and perhaps someone else working with a Ruger 22/45 will find it useful for disassembly/reassembly.