I try not to purchase firearms which don’t handle most any ammo you can throw at them, but on occasion you will get one which is finicky about what you feed it. One .380 ACP we have will not handle the Hornady Critical Defense rounds while another seems to dislike the aluminum cased Blazer, but handles S&B without any issue. So what do you do about it?

The best thing if you find you have a firearm which is malfunctioning is to try another brand of ammunition. If that does not alleviate the malfunction then it is probably a problem with the firearm rather than the ammunition. I’ve found most Ruger firearms will eat whatever you want to feed them, but firearms a little off the beaten path tend to be more finicky. The Hornady CD catches on the Bersa feed ramp, so it is a no go in that pistol. In the Walther PPK the Blazer does not feed well while S&B works like a champ. Where this hurts is when you are trying to take advantage of a great price since you may be taking a chance your finicky firearm will not operate properly with the bulk ammunition. My solution? Purchase multiple firearms in the same caliber. 😉

At any rate, if you find you are consistently having feed or ejection issues in a semi-automatic pistol with a particular ammunition, try another brand to determine if the problem can be eliminated just by switching ammunition.