Apparently Mr. Mark Binker has some clout around WRAL or he is at least running around unchecked. Mr. Binker has made the decision and apparently speaks for the entire Capitol Broadcasting Company. I find that a little funny since he only came to WRAL in March of 2012, but stranger things have happened. As was mentioned in yesterday’s post a database of law-abiding citizen’s street addresses (without house numbers after they were finally redacted) has been made public. Mark posted (hastily methinks) on Twitter:

I believe if information is public, it ought to be available the public.

My post yesterday was really directed to begin a test of that thought process. Then he responded to someone on a forum I frequent:

We will not be removing the link. WRAL believes there’s value in giving the public access to public information.

As was mentioned earlier if Mr. Binker can speak for WRAL and Capitol Broadcasting Company he must throw some substantial weight around.

Now this database is not the first time Marky Mark and his Funky Bunch has made information public which probably was best kept quiet. For some reason he penned a story for his old employer, The Greensboro News & Record, where he listed the lawmakers who have concealed handgun permits. Why would he do that? Sure it is public information if it is requested from the proper agency, but why is is newsworthy and where does the line get crossed. My opinion is if it in any way may endanger the life of another it should not be revealed. (Note: Mr. Binker, they are not concealed weapons permits, it is a concealed handgun permit, please get it straight, it makes it very difficult to believe your reporting. Another nit is the qualification for a CHP by law is 30 shots scoring 70% as determined by the instructor, an instructor can have more stringent requirements, but your WRAL story was incorrect. Again, poor facts indicate poor reporting and fact checking. Those requirements are in black in white on the NCDOJ website, see code 12 NCAC 09F .0105.)

The thought came to mind it might be worth seeing what sort of public information can be found about Mr. Binker and really test the theory if it should all be placed in one central location and made searchable. Especially since he drew first blood. I actually took to Google to see what could be found and while none of it affects his credibility, he really needs to shut down access to information on himself and his family. I’m not even sure why anyone would have that much info out in public. Perhaps he really is delusional enough to believe everyone’s information should be an open book.

Note: Mark if you catch wind of this post, you have an open invitation for you and your wife to attend my next Refuse To Be A Victim class I hold in the Triangle area as my guest. Please restrict access to your personal information!