I hate to shove someone under the bus, but sometimes they just do it to themselves. I’ll not name the instructor who runs this, and I have heard they provide a good class, but I will say I would never suggest them based upon what I see in this photo. Can anyone else see what is wrong?

If you have a look at the two instructors, both are in front of the firing line and while the range may be cold, people have their pistols out of their holsters and pointed downrange. I can hear this person now, they were practicing, guns were unloaded, blah, blah, blah. It doesn’t matter. Every gun should be treated as if it is loaded all the time. It should always be pointed in a safe direction. What I foresee is two dead or wounded instructors. It doe appear if you zoom way in the action may be open on at least some of the pistols, but how can you be sure no one will release the slide and then magically we have a loaded firearm if the magazine was loaded and inserted into the pistol. It also appears Mr. Orange Cap (3rd from rt) has his booger picker smack dab on the trigger. Most of the holsters are empty which tells me the people have their firearm out and pointed. Mr. Orange Cap has a 1911 still holstered, so booger must be trying out multiple firearms. Now the instructor does have a dummy gun, but all the rest appear real.

Bottom line, never get in front of the firing line unless the range is completely ice-cold. That means no firearms of any kind being handled, period!