Just this past week our local rag posted a list of seven new breweries slated to open or in planning for the Raleigh area. It is difficult to understand how the market has not become saturated post PTC with all the new beers which first entered our market after the law change and now all the new breweries which are opening their doors. Heck, even the number of bottle shops has grown exponentially. At one time Sam’s was the only real game in town. We had a few other places, but nothing special. Then Total Wine came to town and started expanding their beer offering and lately the non-chain stores are opening up left and right. I just got word Raleigh is getting another bottle shop which will bring our total to three just in Raleigh not to mention what Apex and Morrisville have in addition to the chain stores and wine stores which have decent beer selections.

I hope this trend continues, it would be nice to NC to become a beer destination on the East Coast. There are beer cities which come to mind on this side of the planet, but no destination states for beer. We may have the momentum to eventually see that happen…fingers crossed!