What are those crazy Inbev folks up to now. I happened to catch a news flash that AB filed Trademark applications for 42 three-letter airport codes. Almost a year ago they filed Trademarks on 14 area codes and thus far it doesn’t seem like they have done anything with them. I guess that is good news for the (512) Brewing Company people in Austin, TX, of course 512 was not one of the area codes AB filed an application to Trademark. Some have speculated the area code was an effort to thumb the nose at the people who say drink local, and some say the airport code is an effort to have special beers on draft within the airports. I know one thing for certain, AB cannot make a few kegs of anything so having to store LAX this or that beer until it goes dry ain’t gonna happen. I don’t know what AB’s smallest brewhouse is, but would be surprised if it was any less than 500 bbl and that is 1000 kegs to have to manage. Besides does anyone really want to drink a beer which has the same abbreviation as a purgative?