Overnight I received a note indicating Senator Tom Apodaca from Hendersonville in the 48th District had used a maneuver to ensure HB111 never sees the light of day. If I lived in his area I’d have to find out exactly what he is thinking and if he really wanted to be reelected. If you are in his district, you can contact him on his website or at Tom.Apodaca@ncleg.net.

I remember back when PTC was coming through a certain representative from my area decided to vote against the bill. I vowed to not let that go unpunished so when he came up for reelection I let everyone I could who was a beer drinker know he no longer represented our area and needed to be sent back home. I remember reading after the election a statement from him wondering why he didn’t get reelected and I just kept thinking to myself, I know one reason why!

Let’s ask Senator Apodaca why he is afraid of a bill which protects citizens and what his agenda is for sending to another committee to die. I smell dirty politics. If that’s his game, maybe people in his district should search for others to represent their interests.