So finally S&W released their Instructor Discount for 2012 and it also includes Thompson/Center Arms and Walther firearms. I must say I’m a little disappointed to be receiving the program information in June when it supposedly runs from January through December. One other quirk I noticed is the M&P40 is a CA compliant 10 round model. I was really hoping for a 15 round M&P40 to be on the list. I’m also not quite convinced the price is all that and a bag of chips. I may lick my wounds with an E-Series 1911 (Scandium not available), but I sure wish more options were on the list for the M&P. I checked the 2011 list and it was the same model so I should not have been surprised. And where’s the M&P Shield? At any rate, cheers to S&W for providing a discount to NRA Certified Instructors!