Recently I purchased a grip for my S&W Model 36 without taking the time to really look at the frame. Of course mine has a square butt instead of a round butt and I got the grips incorrect (note – if anyone needs a set of old Model 36 round, respond to this post). So back to it and getting the correct grips. I also recently got some new grips for my SR1911, but I’m not sure I like them as much as the grips that came with the gun. I haven’t swapped them out yet, but I really hope they turn out to be stellar instead of ho-hum.

I now believe buying grips requires two things. Number 1 is to be 100% sure the grips fit your frame and were made for your exact pistol. Number 2 is that you purchase them in person to be sure they are exactly what you believe them to be. The grips for the SR1911 look super sexy online, but just don’t stand out as I would like when I received them.

There are more reasons to get different grips besides aesthetics, but for the purposes of today’s post that is where I am focusing. Don’t forget the rules, grips for the frame and purchase the grips in person and you won’t be disappointed with the fit and aesthetics.