Earlier I wrote about the inability to carry concealed in a restaurant which serves alcohol. Yesterday I received a note indicating HB111 has now been sent to yet another committee in hopes it will die before the end of the session. This is certainly not the first time tactics such as this have been used to stall a bill. It happened with Pop The Cap early in the campaign and with some luck and a lobbyist eventually the efforts paid off.

It is foolish for someone who is not consuming alcohol to not be able to enter a restaurant with a concealed firearm simply because the restaurant serves alcohol. Think about it, I can go to a Golden Corral and have a meal with the concealed firearm, but I cannot go next door to the Mexican restaurant because they sell alcohol. Where is the logic? I can certainly see no concealed carry in a bar or nightclub, but it is a restaurant we are talking about with this bill.

If you are a NC resident, please contact your state senator and ask them to support HB111. GRNC has the contact information on their page.