As I was catching an AM station broadcast of Dave Ramsey, all of a sudden along came a commercial break with a beer commercial. Now this was not your ordinary beer commercial where one brand suggests they are the King of something, another suggests their water makes some kind of a difference (when they actually brew around the country), or a third suggests they use some special process which makes the world go round. No, this wasn’t your father’s beer commercial, this was actually a tourism spot for Raleigh, NC touting the local breweries in Wake County. I thought about heading straight for the hospital, but it would have taken a surgeon the better part of the day just to get the smile off my face. To think that now someone would make a spot devoted to beer and the beer culture in Raleigh, NC is astounding. It’s like the old Virginia Slims motto, You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby!

The spot was from and was truly excellent. I went to their website hopeful for a link, but alas finding the beer page takes some determination. First one must select the Visitors tab followed by Things to do and eventually Beer scene to end up at Greater Raleigh Beer Scene. Once there the site visitor is rewarded with a video, map, event calendar, brewery listings and local tour company list. It was a great radio spot and if one takes the time, has enough information to begin your search for craft breweries and brewpubs in the Raleigh area. Now if they really want to take it to the next level adding in local watering holes, taprooms, and retail establishments would be awesome.