I hate it when you order a “special” beer only to find it really isn’t all that special. Last night I was out and noticed a local beer which I had only read about it passing due to the limited release. I decided to go for the $6 10oz pour and was extremely disappointed by what arrived in the glass. What it turned out to be was a big Vienna lager. Last time I checked that was an Oktoberfest, but since this one clocked in at 7% it still broke the style boundaries. Unfortunately it was underwhelming and just not especially tasty. I was glad I ordered the smaller pour although a larger pour would have been a better value at $8 for 16oz.

So my new pet peeve is being charged a high price for an underwhelming beer. Unless you grab a taste there is no way to tell if that expensive brew is going to cut the mustard or not. The price of admission is set by the retail establishment and may be slightly beyond the control of the brewery, but at double the price I want double the flavor and double the experience. Maybe next time I’ll ask the barkeep if it is wonderful before I plunge headfirst into an expensive pour.

This isn’t the first time I’ve wondered about something being overpriced and it probably won’t be the last.