I heard a comedian the other day who made an excellent point. Often we see advertisements for beer where they talk about how “cold” their beer is or some such nonsense. Cold is a consumer choice. I mean does the brewery come to your house and set your fridge so your beer is at what they believe is the optimum serving temp or do you throw the six-pack in the fridge and later decided when it is cold enough to drink? Of course not.

Many beer styles taste better when not served ice-cold. A warmer temp will release more carbonation and also more aromatics which also add to the flavor. (Of course if you are drinking the beer from the bottle or can instead of the glass you aren’t sniffing those aromatics anyway, but that is fodder for another day.)

So the next time you see a beer commercial touting cold, give it a critical eye. Most likely it is a marketing company trying to find a novel way to sell the beer rather than some new and exciting method of insuring your fridge at home is at the optimum serving temperature.

PS: There is a method, it is called a thermometer.