In April I wondered if a Model 1911 was on everyone’s wish list and then last week I added one to my own growing collection. Just this week featured ATI with some YouTube videos from one of my favorite online reviewers. The topic came up on a local forum about which 1911 to select and someone pointed to the thread, really a buying guide, on the 1911 Addicts forum. The buying guide has a tome of information and is a great place to start your research before making a purchase.

If you are in the market you first must know what you are willing to spend. The price never goes much below $400, but the sky certainly is the limit in terms of price. I’ve still got my eye on that S&W E-Series Scandium, but it is a bit more than I am willing to spend for something to go bang (although it is a beautiful gun).

The 1911 style can be found in several calibers, but by far the most popular is the 45 Auto. 45 Auto ammunition is not exactly what I would call inexpensive and the lowest price non-bulk is generally $15 per 50 rounds or 30 cents per round. So somewhere in the back of my mind is every clip is more than 2 bucks. At that price the gun is not often used for plinking.

A nice thing is the gun grip choices are endless. So if you purchase an inexpensive model you can dress it up with different grips and change the look. I have not heard of any 1911 which was not accurate, but do remember when I shot for my NRA Instructor qualification the person beside me with a brand new Kimber could not hit the broad side of a barn. (Note to budding Instructors, do not bring a new gun on the day of qualification, use one you know and love.)

So if you are in the market, check out the buying guide and shop around. It is an iconic gun and everyone should have at least one 1911 in their possession.