A few days ago I spent some time on the range with the Ruger LCP and put 50 rounds through the pistol. Prior to that visit I had shot perhaps 10 or 15 rounds to get a feel for the gun. What I found was you do not want to spend too much time on the range with the gun because of the long trigger pull, the heavy trigger and the amount of recoil. After about five magazines loaded with five rounds each I began to notice a tremor in my hand as I squeezed the trigger. By the tenth magazine it was more of a shake. The heavy trigger combined with the recoil had done a number on my hand.

The next day after firing a box of .380 Auto my hand was sore and my hand still had a very slight tremor. Now am I alarmed at this development, not really. The LCP is designed to be a very easily concealed pistol to use when you absolutely must and in close quarters. It was not designed to be a range gun which you go and shoot all day until you run out of ammo.

I did well on most of my shots until I became the shakiest gun in the west and still would have been able to qualify in a CCH course, but the target would not have been very pretty. What I may do is take the pistol on occasion and shoot two or three magazines at the end of the range session, but I do not plan to ever shoot it to that extent again. This made me realize something, if someone purchased this for their wife due to the size, they most likely hate it. It would fit well into a small hand, but the recoil combined with the trigger pull is ultimately punishing.

So if you want a range darling, this isn’t it, but if you want a gun to carry and use in a sticky situation, this is certainly one worth investigating.