So after the dust settled on the Beer City USA competition the outcome is a tie vote between Asheville and Grand Rapids, MI and they will both share the title. Now I actually have a hard time believing the vote was absolutely evenly split between the two cities, but stranger things have happened and since Asheville has been a three-time champion it is about time they retire the crown and let someone else join in the fun. What the good folks in Grand Rapids are going to soon realize is the crown only comes with bragging rights.

Hopefully you did not read the snippy comments at the bottom of the poll results. While it does appear Grand Rapids has some adamant admirers it seems they might need a lesson in manners. There were some not so tasteful comments from a few Asheville supporters, but for the most part the tone was much more civil. So Grand Rapids will now appear on my list of places to visit, but I’ll remember to not get in more than a passing discussion with anyone there who may have a different opinion. I guess you cannot have everything, meaning great beer, great weather, and great people…hey, wait a minute, you can…in Asheville. 😉