Once upon a time a large mega brewery came out with a luscious beer named Blue Moon Pale Moon. It was a very nicely made Belgian Pale Ale with cascade hops, hibiscus and orange peel. It also had a fairly low price point for a BPA of $6 a sixer. The issue was it was difficult to find and over time has become more and more difficult with the exception of a mix-pack.

So last year when Blue Moon Belgian-style Pale Ale was released also at the same 5.4% ABV I had it on draft and though, wow, why dumb down a BPA. This was not the same Pale Moon which I quaffed in 2008. On a recent trip to the grocery store I spied a 6 pack of it and though I might give it another try. The price point is now $8 a sixer and it is just as disappointing as when I had it on draft. Now don’t get me wrong, it is a good beer, it just PALES (yep, pun intended) in comparison to Pale Moon. At $8 a six it also is not worth the price of admission, when I can get Palm Speciale for less.

I don’t know if the only difference between the two is the Cascade hops or if they are exactly the same in terms of recipes and the brewers have changed or perhaps the brewing facility has changed, but Pale Moon was an excellent example of a BPA and the Belgian-style Pale Ale is boring. Suffice it to say until they can make a beer as tasty as Pale Moon, I’m over the moon.  😦