While Ruger may still not be accepting new orders they are filling orders made before March 21. In February I went to a local dealer who had a waiting list and an outstanding price on the SR1911 and got my name on that waiting list. Well on Thursday the gun finally arrived and it is a beauty. In an earlier post I was wondering if 1911s are on everyone’s wish list because they have been creeping onto mine.

The SR1911 is my first 45 Auto and my first 1911. To be honest I knew about the style and a little about the history, but did not have an affection to them until last year. The pistol comes with a 7 round clip and an 8 round clip and I think I like the clean look of the 7 round better. I’ve not yet gotten to the range to try it out, but can see a visit in the very near future.

I asked if the shop was taking additional orders and they indicated they are not until they can fill more of the current waiting list so I’ll not divulge their name. Most places are charging $750 to $1000 for the gun, but this shop is charging $550+ tax. I brought the gun home for $587 and was able to use a credit card for the purchase. I believe I’ll be back to this shop for any firearm I cannot get with an instructor discount.