Recently on a forum someone was asking how to choose a concealed carry semi-automatic pistol which would fit into the pocket or the palm of the hand. My only experience with them is the Ruger LCP (lightweight compact pistol) so I made a suggestion based on the limited number of rounds I had fired in the gun.

First off it is important whether the pistol will be carried loosely in the pocket or securely in a holster. If the second than a pistol with a shorter/less trigger pull would be fine, but if it is to be in the pocket you really do not want keys or a pen or something else to accidentally discharge the firearm. The LCP trigger is a beast. You basically squeeze and then squeeze some more to fire the gun. In reality that is a good thing since you are only going to pull out a concealed firearm when there is no other available option and you want to be 100% sure you must fire the gun.

Secondly the frame is so small that without the magazine grip extension I only hold the firearm securely with my middle finger and the extension allows my ring finger to engage the grip. With such a small frame the recoil is not pleasant, but do we really want a pocket gun to be a range love-joy or rather something functional on which we can depend. The magazine holds six rounds of .380 Auto and one in the chamber. In reality if you cannot do what you need to do in seven shots you should really rethink your ability to handle a pistol and whether or not you should be in the place where more than seven shots are required to stop the threat. Sure you could whip out the 9 mm with 15-17 in the clip, but why are so many shots required? You’re not Rambo trying to avenge those who drew first blood, you’re a girl or guy on the street who found themselves in a bad situation and are using the pistol to change the situation.

As far as which pocket rocket to choose, that is fodder for another post on another day, but there is an excellent comparison chart developed by an Ace Hardware in Lynchburg, VA. In my opinion a .380 Auto is a fine cartridge for a pocket pistol. Some say it doesn’t have the stopping power of a 9 mm and to them I say a 9 mm doesn’t have the stopping power of a 38 special which doesn’t have the stopping power of a 357 magnum which pales in comparison to a 44 magnum. Our goal is simply to get out of a situation or stop a threat and for that the .380 is an excellent choice.