This year for the Beer City USA poll cities were allowed to be nominated. In case you were sleeping under a rock Asheville has taken the title three years in a row (and rightly so). This year they decided to allow nominations and to not have write-in votes. As it stands two other NC cities in addition to Ashevegas made the list, Raleigh and Charlotte. Now personally do not believe either of these two new additions is worthy of the Beer City USA title, but especially not Charlotte.

Let’s decide to have a brewski other than BMC in Charlotte. Ok, where to go (insert head scratching sound here). I hate not giving my buddies in Charlotte a nod, but you can either head to the University area, over to NODA, perhaps a spot or two downtown, Steel Creek and finally Ballantyne. The other problem is once you get to those areas the selection of establishments just isn’t vast. The brewery scene is improving, but at last count they had four micros and one brewpub. Not quite a brewery on every corner when you consider how large the population of Charlotte has become. Oops, I forgot the brewpub in Matthews, but in reality that is quite a drive to the West to get there, let’s call it Charlotte anyway and bring the total to two brewpubs. There are some breweries in planning, but for Charlotte to equal Asheville they would need about 50 in the area. I hope Charlotte eventually gets there, but it probably won’t be anytime soon.

So if you are voting May 1 through 13, throw the vote to Ashevegas and don’t muddy the water with Charlotte and Raleigh. I mean when you think of heading to a beer city do Raleigh and Charlotte immediately come to mind?