I’ve been trying to give some love to Clown Shoes Beer by going through their lineup of bombers available at our local Total Wine. With price points from $5 to $8 and a TW coupon for a buck off per bottle I filled the basket with all the store had to offer. I believe my lineup included Hoppy Feet 1.5, Tramp Stamp, Muffin Top, Vampire Slayer and Blaecorn Unidragon.

I still have to give the last beer a whirl, but thus far I have found all the beers are solid, but none have blown me away. The artwork is cool and all that jazz, but I believe what too many breweries lose sight of is the product in the bottle they are passing to the consumer. Now don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of the CS beers I have tried thus far, it’s just they don’t excite me and the problem with creating something like a Belgian IPA is you are not aiming for the run of the mill beer drinker, you have set your sights on the beer geek in the crowd and if you don’t scratch their itch they will look elsewhere to find a backscratcher.

Tonight I’ll pop the top on the Unidragon and give it a whirl, but I suspect based on the other four my own personal clown shoes will never leave my feet which will make it impossible for the beer to blow my socks off. Final question that came to mind is what is up with all the weird Unidragon, Vampire, Tramp, Muffin stuff? I like brewery with a theme and interesting beer names, but I don’t get it. Must be a MA thing.