This week I made another The Weekend Starts on Thursday gathering at Backstage Brewing and while there we discussed my adventure with Genesee Cream Ale. All of a sudden out comes a partial sixer of National Bohemian. I wasn’t even aware Natty Bo was still being produced and cannot even recall the last time I had one. According to the website the beer was first produced in 1885 and ceased production during Prohibition, but resumed after and was one of the first to package in 6 packs once canning came into vogue.

So how could I resist a national treasure when one was produced for me to take with me as I was about to depart. Ray could have been beer dumping on me, but I consider it an honor! Since I still had not gotten to dinner I decided to wait until I returned to my lodging for the night. After I settled into my hotel room I secured a squatty hotel glass (surely this is the proper glassware for Natty Boh?) and we were off to the races. It probably would be better to have the beer on a clean palate to properly evaluate, but I found that after sampling the beers at Backstage, and a pint of New Belgium Dig and Sam Adams Alpine Spring accompanied by a pimento cheese and bacon pizza on whole wheat crust the Natty’s came off as a little vinous, or slightly winey. Certainly had an underlying bit of sweetness and very thirst quenching.

Reminds me I might need to try some of the beers of old once again. Someone posted a comment recently about Mickey’s Big Mouth. I cut my finger more than once on those tab top glass bottles, best thing they ever did was to go to the twist off tops!