I was reading on a forum yesterday and someone posted the following comment.

however if I may add, be careful of going to someone who teaches private classes, im no law professor but alot of guys teaching the concealed carry course dont know there *** from a whole in the ground

I did not edit the comment in any way other than to italicize the words. What the poster tried to implicate is he did not mean every instructor who teaches private classes does not know what they are talking about, only “alot”. I decided to take him to task with the comment since it is so far off-base it doesn’t even qualify as coming from left field, more like the parking lot of another stadium in another city. He absolutely has no basis for the comment. He certainly has not sat through all the private classes which are given day in and day out and has not even been to a private class. I despise when people make sweeping generalizations without basis of fact. Now I am far from perfect, but you don’t call a group of people inept unless you have witnessed their deficiency.

So let’s pick his words apart a bit. He used the non-word ‘alot’ which should be ‘a lot’. When I see that word used to me it means the majority, the rule rather than the exception. The definition, when spelled correctly, is:

Adv. 1. a lot – to a very great degree or extent

So he wrote what I believe it to mean, the majority. Later he back pedaled in the discussion to say he did not mean every private instructor, but people should learn to watch what they type and when they are typing to say what they actually mean. Had he said, be careful with private classes because I have heard some instructors do not know what they are talking about, I would have still felt offense, but not enough to comment.

I often make spelling and punctuation errors when posting on various forums and social media. More often I make them when posting on the phone. The problem with our friend is he started using capitalization and punctuation earlier in his post and stopped by the time he put his asinine comment in the post. Lack of capitalization when you have already capitalized in your post does not demonstrate you intelligence. Similarly no apostrophe for the contraction ‘im‘ and ‘dont‘, using a non-word like ‘alot‘, and saying they don’t know from a ‘whole‘ in the ground (hole in the ground) just does not show much intelligent though was brought forth to formulate the comment.

If I can help anyone out with private instruction in NC please let me know. I can assure you I do realize the difference between my arse and a hole in the ground, although I am not sure exactly what that has to do with pistol instruction?