I recently had a post on Ammo Deals and have been searching for some inexpensive 38 Special ammo for quite some time. I had my eye on the ammo at a site and when I went to check on the price again it went out of stock so I setup an alert. Later I received an email indicating it was back in stock so I decided to purchase 1,000 rounds since that was what earned the lowest per round cost and also some other ammo. Reviews of the ammo have generally been good with one person on a forum indicating their firearm was not shooting them well, but it seemed to be a case of lead fouling in the barrel. (Note to self – idea for a post on another day.)

I’ll hold off revealing the vendor till I am sure the order arrives. It is currently scheduled for Monday delivery. The ammo is Priv Partizan and originates in Serbia. It is 158gr LRN (lead round nose) and from what I have it read it will do well. I also have read recently that certain older S&W revolvers should not fire FMJ (full metal jacket) or copper clad bullets and in truth I did not fully understand the reason why, but it was enough for me to opt for the lead bullets since I do own an older S&W.

I’ll know more next week, stay tuned!