There was some recent discussion on JudgeNet about a particular competition and one of the high-ranking and quite prolific BJCP Judges made one of the oddest comments I have seen in quite some time. They indicated the BJCP guidelines have categories and styles but no subcategories. I’m not sure where this idea came from, nor why someone would even say it. The score sheets for beer, mead and cider contains the verbiage, the guidelines have it (admittedly in Cat 23), the Exam Study Guide has it, etc. I’m guessing this person dislikes the current usage of subcategories and is hoping for a future change, but I’m highly doubtful it will happen. So remember as you advance in the BJCP program that just because you have experience does not make you infallible.

Now if anyone wants to get on a soapbox about something remember it should be Score Sheet (two words) not Scoresheet (one word). 😉