I’d seen some talk recently about older cocktails and someone brought up the Old Fashioned. I’ve seen a variety of recipes, some call for mulling an orange and a maraschino cherry, some say just to add a cherry and a lemon peel, others say to add big slices of fruit. Anyway, I made a few recently and found out one truth, I really don’t care for Woodford Reserve. When I made the same drink with Knob Creek it was much, much better. My attempts at the Old Fashioned had been good, but not quite outstanding.

Last night we found ourselves at a DC restaurant with a long list of specialty drinks so I decided to order up an Old Fashioned. Our waitress asked which Bourbon I wanted and proceeded to bring out a list as long as my arm in mice type. I noticed Booker’s on the list and asked for that in the drink. What arrived at the table was a beautiful concoction with a large central ice-cube and an extra large cherry with a large piece of orange peel, zest actually, and by large I mean and inch wide by three inches long. The drink was much sweeter than what I had been making, but was very smooth. In light of this new discovery I may have to tweak the recipe and see how that may change the drink. Generally an Old Fashioned is Bourbon, sugar (or simple syrup), bitters, a twist of orange or lemon and garnished with a cherry and a bit of peel.

I went looking for a photo, and the one below is about as close as I could come, but certainly not as attractive as what I was served. With a new-found appreciation for the Old Fashioned I can sense some mixology in my future!