So I’m bee-bopping through the grocery store last week and of course I have to swing through the beer aisle. I wasn’t planning on purchasing anything in particular, but with National Beer Day approaching needed something for my own personal celebration. All of a sudden I spy Genesee Cream Ale in a stubbie format and have to have a six-pack, especially at a price of $3.99.

Now Genesee Cream Ale was not actually brewed back when Prohibition ended, it did not start production until 1960, but this wasn’t a historically accurate celebration, rather a chance to experience an icon on a historic day. They have also brought back 12 Horse in the hand grenade bottle and that would have been more historic had I realized it was available. 12 Horse was brewed from 1933 to 2003 and apparently is now available as part of their Heritage Series.

My wife thought I was a little crazy bringing home the Genessee, but I think I’m crazy like a fox! Don’t poo poo the stubbie!