Let me start by being clear, I’ve always been a wheel gun man. My first pistol was a revolver and the only semi-automatic I ever wanted was a Glock and last year I finally scratched that itch. Lately it seems the world is going crazy for 1911’s. I can understand the popularity with those who served in our nation’s military [If you served, thank you so much for your service!], but lately the average Joe seems to have their sights set on a 1911.  every pistol in Kimber’s catalog is based on a 1911 design.

The gun is notoriously trustworthy and has been so since Colt designer John Browning brought it for a test in late 1910 where 6,000 rounds were fired over two days and as the barrel heated they immersed the gun in water to cool it and had no malfunctions. I had never given the 1911 much thought until I spied a Ruger (we all know by now I am a Ruger fan) SR1911 and got on the waiting list for one. It is an affordable 1911 with pricing running from $590 – $750 depending upon the store. Because Ruger is not currently accepting new orders, some unscrupulous dealers are charging more than list price for the SR1911.

Smith & Wesson brought out their redesigned “E”Series 1911 last year and the scandium frame with the stainless slide speaks to me. Unfortunately it weighs in at nearly $1,200 so it may have to talk to me from afar!

So is a 1911 on everyone’s wish list? I don’t know, but they have started to find their way on mine!