Back in February I posted about the perception of a pending ammo shortage and while I still don’t believe there is a shortage, there is going to be an escalation in price thanks to good old Uncle Sam. There is a news story out now indicating the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has ordered 450 million rounds of 40S&W ammo in hollow point. The DHS has 200,000 employees according to Wikipedia so that equates to 2,250 rounds per employee and I would hope that not all of them are armed.

So I’ll now sing a different song that ammo supplies could be difficult to get, especially in 40S&W and with the current volume of firearms being purchased and people hoarding ammo like doomsday preppers coupled to the election year we could see some shelves become bare and prices escalate. I know I’ll only add to the chaos, but I might have to pull the trigger on certain calibers I’m starting to run low on at home so I can continue to make range visits and work on improving my deficiencies.

I wonder if later the government will give out ammo to people like they did with the peanut butter and cheese in the 80s. That was some good stuff!