While there have not been a ton of questions since the web-based entrance exam launched, there have been some and also some slight confusion. I know I asked a few questions early on which are covered in the documentation so the best bet is to read the documentation I spoke about when I posted the web-based exam went live.

There are two steps to becoming a judge and at least three to becoming a high-ranking judge. First you must take the entrance exam. It is web-based and will require you to answer 200 questions in 60 minutes at a cost of $10 each time you take the exam. If and when you pass you have no rank but are a Provisional Judge and have a year to take the judging exam. The judging exam consists of six beers evaluated in 90 minutes at a cost of $40. If you have not taken and passed the entrance exam your judging score sheets will not be graded and your money will not be refunded. Be sure to pass the entrance exam before you take the judging exam. Your score on the judging exam will determine your rank. If you fail you are an Apprentice and will have to retake the judging exam within a year or start all over. Those who score above 60 will be Recognized and above 70 will be Certified when the required judging experience point criteria has been achieved.

If you desire to advance further in the program you must first have a judging score 80 or above and 10 experience points. Then you can sit for the written exam. This exam has 20 T/F questions and five essay questions in 90 minutes at a cost of $15. The T/F questions do not count toward your score, but for every incorrect answer 0.5 points will be deducted. The essay consists of two style-related questions, one recipe question, and two technical questions related to ingredients or brewing process. One you have taken this exam your judging score will comprise 50% of your overall rank score and the written score will comprise the other 50%. However you will never drop in rank since the BJCP scoring is counted just like the SAT with the highest scores utilized at all times.

Most questions are covered in the BJCP Exam Structure document.