Unfortunately I have no idea. I rarely to never fire a shotgun and it had been at least two decades since I had fired one until my recent Sporting Clays excursion. You may recall I was pining for a Rossi Overland and after watching it on a forum for quite some time finally made it mine. I like side-by-side (SxS) and over-and-under (OU), call me traditional. I’ve been watching various forums to see if any other scatterguns show up and saw a few which caught my eye, but all were wall hangings. One was particularly interesting but had Damascus barrels and those guns should not be fired. I remember sitting in my hunter’s safety course back in elementary school and we were instructed to never fire a gun with a Damascus barrel. I don’t own an OU, but had a heck of a good time shooting the one at Drake Landing.

Anyway, I was trying to decide what to jaw about this morning when I saw a SxS on one of the forums and now I am hoping it will be mine. I think the allure is because I like all the old guns and cowboy guns and a SxS shotgun just speaks to me. I sent the gentleman a note to make sure it was still available and if so there is a high potential we could have a new addition to the family. Stay tuned!