After a very long week last night I decided to open a bottle of Knob Creek to mix up a Bourbon and ginger. As you may recall I spent a little time with Bulleit in a previous post.  What happened was my wife purchased some ginger ale and I thought why not have a bourbon and ginger. I had some long-lost Wild Turkey 101 I had purchased 20+ years ago and mixed with that until I finally had drunk it all. My MO is about 1 part Bourbon to 3 parts ginger. Then I happened to be near an ABC store and spotted the Bulleit and figured why not give it a try, and it was quite nice so my next time in the vicinity of an ABC store I picked up on sale a bottle of  Woodford Reserve and a bottle of Knob Creek.

I had mixed a few drinks with the Woodford, but it just has not been scratching the itch like the Bulleit did. It has a drier and more tart flavor and seems to have more acidity. Also the aroma is more alcoholic. I already had posted about an experience in first class with Woodford, and it has now become clear this Bourbon has no place with Ginger. Knob on the other hand has a subtle sweetness that mixed with the alcohol and char works quite well in my concoction. I can see the purists rolling their eyes at the thought of taking mid-range Bourbon and using it for mixing a drink instead of drinking it neat or over ice, but in truth, I simply don’t care. If I find something I like, albeit unconventional, I can certainly do as I please in the comfort of my own home. Perhaps at their home they would serve it in a different manner and in my home I probably would serve you some Jack Daniels and keep the good stuff for myself!

So the bottom line, and the reason for today’s post, is don’t be that guy. You know the one, the one who says, “Bourbon is only meant to be drunk neat or on the rocks and not mixed.” It’s not your call, it the call of the person having the beverage. I know I cringed when someone mixed lime soda and beer to make a radler, but if they like it, more power to them. Same goes for citrus fruit being served on the rim of a beer, if you like it, more power to you. So should you ever visit and see me mixing something and find it appalling, try to bite your tongue. Like the old saying goes, It’s my way or the highway!