Yesterday I spent the morning at Drake Landing where I fired a shotgun for the first time in over 20 years. I’ve had shotguns forever and recently purchased a Rossi Overland, but just have not shot one in two decades. Being rusty I went online and of course looked up skeet. Skeet is a different bird (pun intended) altogether where there are two towers and multiple positions. Turns out that is not at all what we were doing.


On the course were 13 stations and each had two different positions to create two courses. To get around the course you use golf carts and once there you launch one clay pigeon followed by the other to get a sense of where they will be coming from. When actually shooting the person with the control box will launch the first when you say pull and then they wait until you fire the first shot and upon hearing the report then they launch the second pigeon.


We were with a large group and divided up into teams of three or four. Turns out we were with the best shot of the group and a member at Drake Landing. That certainly made it nice for someone as rusty as me to work on improving my shot. I could generally tell when I missed how and why I had missed. In the end I shot a pathetic 32%, but in hindsight that was not too bad for someone who had not picked up a shotgun in 20 years.

After we had lunch we stepped over to their Pistol Pit and I tried out some of the new Ruger pistols I had purchased to use with my classes. I’ll write about those firearms after I spend a little more time with them, but the pistol range at Drake has several different pits. We were sent to the 50 yard pit which has a weird setup where they have to put the target supports into pipes and fully setup the target every time. I noticed they have a 25 yard pit which had what appeared to be a better setup. They also had pits with steel targets. I’m not sure why we were sent to the 50 yard instead of the 25 yard, but the price of admission is a little steep. $20 per hour so I assume if you went for more they would prorate or perhaps go to the next hour. That is a bit of a pain since it takes at least 5 min to leave the office and get to the range.

All in all a very enjoyable morning in Harnett County. I’d suggest you check out the clays if you have a few hours to play the course.