Many moons ago Cottonwood Endo IPA was the juice. It was made in Boone at Cottonwood which was purchased by Carolina Beer and Beverage and moved to Morrisville. The brewer was KING Don Richardson and his elixir was truly magnificent. I remember one tour we took where he was serving Endo directly off the fermenter zwickel, mmm good! Don eventually left CB&B to form All Good Brands and the beer suffered. The brewer’s tried to bring back the Endo of old, but the almighty dollar caused it to be a shadow of its former self. Even the packaging labels suffered.

Here is an Endo label as it appeared on 12 oz back when Don ruled the kingdom.


Then the colors were removed, I suppose for expense purposes, and we ended up with this.

Fast forward a few years and Foothills bought CB&B’s brewing equipment and their brands. They also have started to brew Endo in Winston-Salem and package in 22 ounce bombers. They also revamped the label, but it still doesn’t do much for me.

This week I purchased a bomber and last night decided to ask it out on a date. I popped the top and poured the beer into the glass and was not greeted to that old familiar aroma of hops. The aroma was more muted and less bright than I remembered. The flavor was good and the beer nicely bittered, but it still didn’t have the same character from days of old. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good IPA, it’s just not the IPA I was served long ago in Mooresville which was immediately delicious even though it was still being fermented. It just didn’t have the hop profile and character. I don’t know if Foothills will continue to tweak the recipe or will ever even read this, but my hope is they can bring Endo back to the way it was when Don ruled the kingdom!