Tomorrow I will discover if in 2012 people are still good to their word. One of the forums I frequent about firearms has a buy, sell and trade section. I’ve had my eye for quite some time on a Rossi Overland 12 ga which was overpriced. A week ago the owner dropped the price to a reasonable amount so I offered what I was willing to pay and it was accepted and tomorrow we will seal the deal.

To provide a little background, Rossi made the Overland from 1978 to 1994. It is a double trigger coach gun with exposed hammers. It was the type of gun which was carried on a stagecoach and the style is where the term “riding shotgun” comes from. I believe it came in several different calibers, 410, 20 or 12 and with two barrel lengths, 20″ and 28″. The shorter lengths were what was actually used on the stagecoach to allow freedom of movement. Back when they were manufactured it was an inexpensive shotgun and now they are becoming popular with Cowboy shooting events. Below is a photo I pulled off the web which shows the double trigger and exposed hammers.

It is a handsome gun and appears to be increasing in value over time. Considering I have not shot a shotgun in over 20 years it certainly is not a long gun I need. However, this particular gun speaks to me. It says classic and timeless and I will be happy to own it. Anyone got a coach which needs protecting?