While at the range yesterday with my wife I took her Bersa and ran a magazine through it to ensure the sights were on target. The Bersa has a fixed front sight and the rear sight adjustment is only side-to-side and what we had thought was happening is the pistol was shooting high. My first shot was off target due to inexperience with the Walther PPK clone. The magazine held 7 and the remaining 6 were dead nuts on so the sights were not an issue.

That made me think she may have been having some issues with the sight picture. As it turned out that is correct. Her shooting glasses were set for distance vision and so she was not able to focus correctly. In our last range visit she had shot on target very well, but was shooting with contact lenses, one eye set for closeup and the other set for distance and she was using the closeup eye for the sights.

If you are firing a pistol you should focus on the front sight. This will leave the rear sight slightly out of focus and the target slightly out of focus. Many people focus on the target and that is not the correct way to aim with iron sights. The sights may have dots and if so they should line up, if they are more traditional you would have the same reveal on either side of the front sight. The top of the front sight should align with the top of the rear sight and once you have your focus and alignment then you can place your finger inside the trigger guard and squeeze the trigger.

I found this great graphic on the web of the sight picture with the exception I would suggest you aim at just below the bullseye at the 6 o’clock position.

So the moral of the story is to ensure you always focus on the front sight and once you take aim at the bullseye at the 6 o’clock position (just below the bullseye), consistently aim in that same location to determine if the sights are on target or if they need adjustment. If you wear glasses it may not be as straightforward as if you do not. The best advice I could provide would be to find what allows you to focus on the front sight and leaves the target and rear sights slightly out of focus while using your dominant eye.

As far as my wife, I think we will go back to using her contact lenses until we speak with her optometrist/optician to find the best solution to allow her to have proper sight alignment and picture with her dominant eye.