The Beerdrinker of the Year competition is tomorrow and once again I take the bridesmaid role. Last year I got a nod to go to the big show and had a heck of a good time, but this year my fellow finalist from 2011,  James Clark, and myself made the top 10, but did not get the ticket to ride. I believe this was my eleventh year of submitting a resume and I will now have five shirts which say semi-finalist and one which says finalist. The one I really want says Winner, but as you can tell that ain’t gonna happen in 2012.

Since this weekend I am sitting home licking my wounds and crying tears into my glass, I hope anyone who actually reads my posts will root for an old friend, Jay Wilson. At one time Jay was a part of our local homebrewing club and he worked for a brewery in the state for a while before he finally moved to Iowa. Jay took the BJCP exam and did quite well (in spite of having to sit through my prep classes). Jay penned a book in 2011, Diary Of A Part Time Monk, and his beer blog has become very popular. A really great guy and deserving to have a seat at the finalist table!

Maybe in 2013 I’ll get another shot at the title, if not, perhaps I will at least have a T-shirt for every day of the week!