In the past few days some local forums have been abuzz with talk about PMC potentially leaving the US market and what that would mean for ammo. Personally I have never purchased any PMC ammo so it probably won’t affect me. There are also several people with the Chicken Little Syndrome who are claiming the sky is falling and the ammo is not going to be available. Today’s blog post is my take on the pending ammo shortage.

So are we heading for an ammo shortage? The quick answer is yes. Now I can see people saying how do you know, what makes you an expert, why do you think that way? It’s pretty darn simple when you think about it. Gun sales are up, WAY UP, through the roof up. Now if those are sales to new owners and shooters they will need ammo. If it is someone like myself who already has a firearm and ammo, we will only be purchasing ammo to replenish the stockpile or for any new caliber we might need. The word on the street right now is the majority of gun sales are new owners, that is going to spell shortage unless the manufacturers increase production. From what I am hearing, they have not yet ramped up production fast enough to keep up with demand. I believe Ruger’s sales are up 20% and that would equate to 250,000 more firearms in the market. Figuring 500 rounds per new firearm per year and you can quickly figure out if all the companies are selling at a similar rate and the ammo production is not increase it will at some point be in short supply.

So it isn’t some conspiracy theory of hoarding ammo, it is your neighbor finally deciding they need to purchase that firearm and some ammo. The nice thing is, if you need some ammo you are now more likely to be able to go borrow some rounds from a neighbor like you once borrowed a cup a sugar when you ran short baking a cake!