So somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered seeing on someone’s list of accomplishments they were a part of the NAGBW. What I found odd is the group fell apart long ago. I do remember when Keith Klemp won a Quill and Tankard award for an article in All About Beer. IIRC the Guild had the awards during Great Taste Of The Midwest which is one of the best beer festivals hands down and is held in Madison, WI in August each year. (Note: The tickets go on sale May 1 so get them if you can.)

At any rate the discussion about the Guild resurrection was on Twitter. I don’t believe anything can be adequately discussed in 140 characters which is probably why I don’t have a Twitter account. Since I do pen a column every two months I thought it would be good to check into it. I found a note that Stan Hieronymus put on his blog and a few other notes via a Google search, but nothing I could sink my teeth into. It appears Lucy Saunders is leading the charge and I dropped her a note to find out the status of the new organization. Since the last Tweet was last year I’m guessing this thing might be DOA, but who knows.

Now I know I will never win an award for anything I write, but it would be cool to be part of the organization if one in fact exists…stay tuned!